Confluence Connector

Sync with Confluence documents to keep your software index up-to-date

Atlassian Confluence is a document management system that can store software documentation (e.g. component technical specifications) that might be of interest to a software index.


  • Atlassian Confluence Cloud domain (in the format https://[your-domain]
  • A Confluence API key to access documents from Aplas (see Atlassian docs).
  • A specific Confluence Space to scan for documents.
  • Confluence documents must have a specific label applied (e.g. technical-specification).
  • Confluence documents must contain tables in a key/value format (see below) that can be mapped to Aplas asset fields.

Configuration steps

  1. Click to create a new connector, then click next to proceed to the initial form.
  2. Specify a name and select the index you wish to target.
  3. Click Setup to proceed to the configuration page.
  4. Specify the appropriate connection settings.
  5. Specify the field mappings. It's useful to start by clicking Auto-populate mappings, then customise the auto-generated mappings.
  6. Click to start the linking process. If everything checks out your connector should move to the ready status.
  7. To complete a batch load of all matching documents, click the Refresh button.