GitHub Connector

Sync with your GitHub org to keep your software index up-to-date

GitHub is a source code repository that can store aplas.json files within the root folder of repositories to be synchronised with an Aplas software index.


  • Aplas only supports GitHub Cloud. It does not yet support GitHub Enterprise.
  • You will require an account with access to your GitHub organization, allowing all/selected repositories to sync with Aplas.
  • Repositories must have an aplas.json file in their root directory matching the format specified below.

Configuration steps

  1. Add aplas.json files to one or more repositories (root folder only).
  2. Click to create a new connection, then select the GitHub connector.
  3. Specify a name and select the index you wish to target.
  4. Click Login.
  5. Authenticate with GitHub and select your GitHub organization.
  6. Click Rebuild to scan your GitHub organization.
  7. Confirm documents are processed successfully.

Aplas JSON Syntax

One of the best techniques for understanding the Aplas JSON Schema is to export existing assets from the index area. This will also include any custom fields you may have.

The root of the JSON must include one or more index asset type properties:

  applicationTags: [],
  applicationTagGroups: [],
  integrationTags: [],
  collectionTags: [],
  componentTags: [],
  applications: [],
  integrations: [],
  collections: [],
  components: []

Here's an example of a single application in Aplas JSON format:

  "applicationTags": [
      "id": "core",
      "name": "Core",
      "color": "#FC600A",
      "status": "Standard",
      "tagGroupId": "default"
  "applications": [
      "id": "hyperlocal",
      "name": "Hyperlocal",
      "version": "7.5",
      "vendor": "ServiceNow",
      "description": "Team-oriented systemic customer loyalty",
      "applicationSize": "Large",
      "status": "Standard",
      "tagIds": [ "core" ],
      "sme_email": "[email protected]",
      "end_of_maintenance": "2/7/17",
      "condition": [
        { "label": "fy20q1", "value": "Good" },
        { "label": "fy20q2", "value": "Average" },
        { "label": "fy20q3", "value": "Good" }
      "months_to_renew_support": 15,
      "department": "Research and Development",
      "hostedtype": "OnPremise2",
      "investment_24m": "765",
      "support_cost": "93",
      "end_of_life": "22/3/18",
      "sme_name": "Hogan Clemendet",
      "deployment_date": "12/11/06",
      "vendor_contact_name": "Norby Bottrill",
      "vendor_phone": "+86 414 933 8024",
      "investment_number": 423,
      "type": "OffShelf",
      "vendor_email": "[email protected]",
      "rating": "good",
      "licensing_cost": "249",

The JSON format for assets within aplas.json is the same as the POST body of our APIs. See our API Reference for details.