Connector Overview

Automate the synchronization of software asset metadata

A connector provides the ability to synchronise software asset metadata between external systems and Aplas. While it is also possible to accomplish the same result via our API, connectors provide a no-code configuration-based approach. We recommend you consider a pre-built connector before custom coding via our API.

Our suite of connectors initially pull all records from the source system, then stay up-to-date by monitoring the system as changes occur. In both cases, a queuing system is used to reliably deliver messages to Aplas while reporting any issues as they occur.


Atlassian Confluence is a document management system that can store software documentation (e.g. integration technical specifications) that might be of interest to a software index. More information is available in our Confluence Connector guide.


The GitHub connector allows a software index to be updated as developers commit code. Developers have one of the most reliable views on software as they are often the ones building it. More information is available in our GitHub Connector guide.


LeanIX is an enterprise architecture platform that catalogues a range of software architecture metadata. More information is available in our LeanIX Connector guide.


ServiceNow is a service management platform that often catalogues applications.