Aplas Launch Checklist

Checklist to launch Aplas as a service within your organization


Are you ready to start implementing Aplas within your organization? We have gathered a set of best-practice tasks to guide you through the process.

Phase A - Infrastructure setup

Technical items that should be configured first.

  • Setup org logo and finalize tenant URL - ensure no outstanding items under studio > config.
  • Configure corporate directory for seamless login (premium and enterprise plans only)
  • Update auto-join flag and/or IP whitelist settings under studio > config > account (enterprise plan only).

Phase B - Data setup

Some basic recommendations, much more in the Aplas documentation.

  • Complete the initial import of data Populating an Index.
  • Stabilise application tags and add key integrations to ensure application placement is stable on the map.
  • Publish metamap & metasearch against your primary index/map and favourite the publications Publication Overview. Finalise publication URLs to ensure they are stable going forward.

Phase C - Internal launch

As a new service outside of existing workflows within your organization, it is critical to drive awareness and limit roadblocks. It's easy for your colleagues to go back to asking their favourite architect for information rather than self-discovery via Aplas.

  • Once your user directory is linked, we suggest an open-access policy. Enabling auto-join will allow employees in your corporate directory to browse your publications as view users (premium and enterprise plans only).
  • Link to Aplas from existing locations (e.g. technology portal) to ensure Aplas can be easily found.
  • Create map styles to demonstrate the range of custom views that is possible. Style templates are available to get you started Style Overview.
  • Launch Aplas internally via a showcase, newsletter, etc.
  • Everything in Aplas is accessible via a direct URL link. To increase awareness, you can include links to specific applications or integrations in your emails, documents and messages.