LeanIX Embedding

Instructions for embedding Aplas publications within LeanIX dashboards

Embed Aplas publications within LeanIX dashboards to provide a visual element to your dashboards.


Aplas Steps

  1. Create a publication.
  2. Copy the publication URL under Settings > Location.

LeanIX Steps

  1. (ONCE ONLY) Navigate to LeanIX Administration > General > External Content. Check the boxes to Do not restrict external content and allow-popups and allow-forms.
  2. Navigate to the LeanIX Dashboards, select a dashboard and click the edit button.
  3. Drag the External Content panel onto the dashboard.
  4. Paste the Aplas publication URL, edit the title, and then save the panel.
  5. Finally, save the dashboard.

Repeat steps for each publication you wish to embed.